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Did you know that drinking antioxidant hydrogen-rich water may be one of the most important of all health habits?Our bodies are lacking in ample amounts of hydrogen required for optimal health due to our daily lifestyle, stress, environmental pollution, toxicity, depleted food sources, and pesticide use, as well as exposure to thousands of other chemicals in our environment ranging from household cleaners to lawn fertilizers.Our bodies cannot function as well with these depleted hydrogen levels; without enough of these important antioxidants, our bodies will begin to break down and become unbalanced at a cellular level, resulting in tissue inflammation and a range of negative health issues. Below is a list of what emerging science and anecdotal reports say that hydrogen-rich water does for human health:

  • Helps maximize anti-aging potential
  • Improves hydration levels (significantly better than tap or bottled water alone)
  • Helps reduce the likelihood and severity of headaches and other chronic diseases (like arthritis) resulting from too much free radical damage
  • Helps improve absorption of food and supplements 
  • Helps increase energy in muscles, as well as hydrate and lubricate joints and muscles during exercise, encouraging longer workouts without pain and lactic acid buildup
  • Improves indigestion and bowel discomfort 
  • Helps reduce wrinkles, especially when used directly on the skin topically 
  • Helps regain and maintain optimal blood pressure
  • Reduces the need for lotion by hydrating the skin naturally
  • Helps cleanse impurities from the cells and body
  • Helps women have healthier pregnancies and healthier babies  

Hydrogen therapy has demonstrated benefits in animal models as well as human studies involving a wide range of conditions, including traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, Parkinson's, Alzheimer’s, strokes, heart attacks, vascular diseases, diabetes, liver and kidney disorders, autoimmune conditions, and lung issues.  The most extraordinary antioxidant: hydrogen (H2) This molecule is a free-radical neutralizer that selectively scavenges the most dangerous and destructive hydroxyl radicals.  Hydroxyl radicals initiate their destruction by stealing electrons from molecules in DNA, proteins, and fats, destabilizing them and setting off a chain reaction of oxidative stress.  H2 readily gives up electrons to hydroxyl radicals, which stabilizes them and stops them in their tracks.  It also reduces the toxicity of peroxynitrite, another destructive oxidant, and further boosts the body's defenses by increasing production of our body’s own natural antioxidants like glutathione, superoxide dismutase, and catalase.H2 also has beneficial effects on cell signaling and gene expression.  It expresses TNF-alpha and other proteins involved in inflammation and turns on mechanisms that protect against cell death. And because H2 is selective, it does not eliminate or scavenge essential oxidants and redox-signaling radicals that play a key role as cellular messengers. Thirdly, recent studies show that H2-infused water increases the production of a stomach hormone called ghrelin, that has also been shown to boost growth hormone release and has protective effects on the brain, vascular system, and liver. This "nano" molecule is so tiny that it’s able to diffuse through cell membranes, enter mitochondria and cell nuclei, cross the blood-brain barrier, and exert positive effects in tissues and organs throughout the body.  H2-On-The-Go portable H2 water bottle produces a hydrogen concentration of between 2,500ppb and 3,000ppb in only 9.5 minutes, and up to 1,000 ppb in only 3.5 minutes.  This hydrogen is infused directly into your water bottle, and is ready to drink in minutes.COMPACT AND PORTABLE:H2-On-The-Go can be used in 2 variations – with the provided 10.8oz water bottle, or with other types of bottled water (from 11.8oz up to 17oz). Just connect to the base, and you’re ready to infuse with high levels of hydrogen. The base of the H2-On-The-Go is specifically molded to accept any water bottle with a neck the same size as Evian brand.No longer do you have to be without antioxidant-rich Kangen water on road trips, or at times when bringing your home water ionizer just isn't possible. This unit will re-charge your Kangen water.


  • Charged by USB portal (Average 8 uses at 9.5 min, or 15 uses at 3.5 min)
  • Bottle is made of BPA-Free Tritan™
  • Easy to use and compact
  • Current approvals: CE, FCC, and PSE (Japan)
  • Thick platinum-coated plate…. proprietary PEM H2 generation
  • 6cm base x 21.6cm height (smallest on the market)
  • NO waste residue (e.g. O2, O3, chlorine) to dispose of
  • 6 month guaranteed warrantee


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H2 on the Go

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